A note to my visitors:
I'm sorry to say that I haven't had the time to keep up with my websites and emails of late. Therefore I will make it official. I will be on haitus (not available for questions or comments) for an unknown period of time. I will leave the site as it is, with all of the helpful information available. When I eventually return, I will probably have a new email, due to the insane amount of spam I've been getting. Thanks to all of you who've sent me notes through the years. Please Note: I will not be answering emails. If you need to get in touch with me, please use the guestbook. I check it about once a month, because I need to approve the entries for them to show.

The Crypt Mistress

I have been fascinated by vampires since I first discovered them at a young and impressionable age. They are powerful, monsterous, sometimes sexy, and always deadly. But what really holds my interest in these dark creatures is the way they seldom fail to reflect the dark corners of our own souls. This is a site dedicated to those dark corners, to the supernatural and the mystical myth that is the vampire.

This is not a site for those who want to learn how to become vampires. I do not believe that that is possible, because, quite simply, I do not believe that vampires exist. (Though if things exist because of the force of our belief in them, vampires most surely would.) Vampires are a reflection of our human evils, and our fears. How we envision them is like holding a mirror up to our darker natures. Is your vampire immortal? And if they are, is it an immortality trapped in dead flesh, or does their heart still beat? Do they need to drink human blood, or will the blood of animals suffice? Was your vampire ever human at all, or actually one of an alien race, come down to feed upon human flesh?

How is your vampire created? Are they a human dead body, possessed and animated by a bloodthirsty demon or ghost? Or do they retain their human memories, and simply change their physical nature? Must they die to be reborn a vampire, or can they continue to live until they are killed, and then return undead? Does a single bite change a human into vampire, or must blood be exchanged? It becomes complicated, here. People are so passionate about what is right when making another vampire. But it is really your choice...your darkness come to light.

So welcome to my Crypt of Vampires. Here you will find, not how to become a vampire as stated above, but how to see vampires for what they are. What I hope you will take away from this site is how to appreciate the vampires that others present to you, and more importantly, how to recognize and perhaps embrace your own, personal vampire.

Visit my adoptions page to see the vampires I've adopted, or adopt one for yourself. They do so love visitors...