Crypt of Vampires:
Adopt a Vampire

In my generosity in opening my crypt doors to the lost children of the night, I found myself a little overcrowded. Here are some of the vampires that need homes...won't you invite them into yours?

To adopt one of these lovely or handsome vampires, just save and load the image to your site, and then place the following code on your page:

<a href=""><img src="vampdoll1.jpg" alt="Visit the Crypt of Vampires" border="0"></a>

I won't bite...much. Won't you take me home?
Me and my kitty need a home. Go on...invite me in.
I'm harmless, really. Everyone needs a little bloodsucker around the house.
I can tell you're just batty about vampires. I'm not bad...I'm just undead that way.
I never Won't you take me home?

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