Crypt of Vampires:
Adopted Vampires

It recently came to my attention that there are a lot of cyber-vampires out there that don't have homes. Here I have created a small space for them to play and feast to their hearts' content. To find out how you too can adopt these fanged cuties, just click on the adoption plaque or link of the one you like, and you'll be taken to their particular adoption agency. If you're feeling really generous, you can adopt one of the vampires from my site here.

[Elvira] [Elvira]
Elvira was adopted from Stormy's Legends.  She oversees the adoption area, to make sure none of these vamps escape from the crypt.

This lovely creature has been named Angelique. She was so sweet that I got her a friend to play with. Click on the plaque to adopt your own little vampire, or victim. [Sunshiney Cyber Adoption Agency]
[Angelique] [Victim]

These adorable neckbiters were adopted by The Crypt Mistress on Aug 11, 2000 from Nightlyre's Adopt-A-Haunt program.
The Agency has sadly closed.
[The Crypt Mistress's Vampire]
~ Varney the Vampire ~
[The Crypt Mistress's Vampiress]
~ Lillith the Vampiress ~
[The Crypt Mistress's Nosferatu]
~ Bob the Nosferatu ~

This dashing guardian of vampires and the dead was adopted from Amanda's Page Guardians.
~ Quinncey ~

This beautiful enchantress of the night was adopted from The World of Saya, and was altered with written permission from that kind entity.

~ Arianna ~

My name is Bunnicula
Vampire Pet
I was adopted at the
Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Vampire Animals

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