Welcome to a place between...a place that resides neither in Faerie, nor in the mortal realm; a place that hovers between them. Here you will find poetry, pictures and links to guide you further into Faerie, and eventually, home. Choose your steps wisely, or become forever lost in the magical, wonderful, and sometimes terrible realm that is Faerie.

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The music you are listening to is The March of the Autumn Elves, by Jonnie Bard
I'm sorry to say that I haven't had the time to keep up with my websites and emails of late. Therefore I will make it official. I will be on haitus (not available for questions or comments) for an unknown period of time. I will leave the site as it is, with all of the helpful information available. When I eventually return, I will probably have a new email, due to the insane amount of spam I've been getting. Thanks to all of you who've sent me notes through the years. It's been a fun ride.