Normal is what people are...until you get to know them.
Tessa Thornberry

Why this page exists:

Why, you may ask, do I put all this time and energy into a site dedicated soley to me and mine? In part, this page is for my friends and family who want to know what's going on in my life. And to tell the truth, it's a self-esteem's a real ego boost to know that all my pictures are hanging out here in cyberspace. Like most American girls, I have a really hard time coming out and saying good stuff about myself, but here I'm making an effort. Think of it as therapy. I will be adding new things on occasion, so please come back as often as you like.

Addition: This is all very out of date. I had it removed, but my fiancee wanted me to put it back up, so he could show me off. Someday I may even do an update.

Miscellaneous stuff:

Absolute Favorite Movies:
The Princess Bride
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Bell, Book and Candle
Practical Magic
Simply Irresistible
French Kiss
The January Man

My Favorite Authors:
Agatha Christie
Robert Asprin
Neil Gaiman
Patricia Cornwell
Laurell K. Hamilton
Lillian Jackson Braun
Piers Anthony
Terry Pratchett
Charles de Lint
...and more.

My Favorite T.V. Shows:
Murder, She Wrote (Given a very good run by CBS)
Wolf Lake (tragically cancelled by CBS)
American Gothic (carried briefly by CBS)
Threshold (tragically cancelled (apparently) by CBS, and replaced by something called "Love Monkey")
G vs E (carried through 2 seasons by USA and Scifi)
Brimstone (tragically cancelled by FOX)
Firefly (tragically cancelled by FOX)
Sliders (carried for a good run by FOX and Scifi)
Columbo (Given a very good run by NBC)
Surface (I'm still trying to figure out why I like it so much - Way to go, NBC)
Medium (NBC makes me happy!)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Given a very good run by WB)
Angel (Given a good run by WB)
Supernatural (Yay, WB!)
Dead Like Me (Hurray for Showtime!)
Monk (Yay, USA!)
Kolchak: The Night Stalker (Given a decent run by ABC)
(the old one, not the new, angst ridden spook-fest)
Karen Sisco (tragically cancelled by ABC)
Desperate Housewives (I can't help myself...Yay, ABC!)
Plus practically anything on Animal Planet, and random Star Trek episodes, and the Discovery Channel, and almost any home makeover show (in moderation). I really like Animal Planet's Most Extreme show. And Comedy Central's The Daily Show :-)

A deeper insight:
Granted, this is mostly waaay out of date, but some of it still holds true.

Assorted pictures
My glamour pictures
My favorite costumes
My Poetry
My Family Recipes
My Favorite Poems