Katy's Poetry

Full Circle

We forget that the sky is blue and not brown
Babyís first breath is toxic
Our futureís so bright, we canít see the stars for all the lights
Our past is catching up to us
Denial makes weapons out of grass and trees, sketched on a cave wall
It makes "involuntary immigrants" out of the kidnapped and enslaved
Rows of graves, neatly arranged, count our wars
No prayers are said for the souls of trees
The land is raped, and no one stops to notice
Canít we hear the screaming?
Atoms split, giant shafts of mushroom headed death
Birds are black, that once were brightly colored
What have we become?
We are ashamed of our bodies, too ashamed to love ourselves
Too ashamed to love ourselves, we refuse to love others
Skin is only skin deep
Underneath, weíre all blood and bones, hearts and souls
Voices of angels, we ignore
They say, What if God was one of us? and Who will save your souls?
But we walk on by, ignoring the man whose life is in a shopping cart
Can you spare a smile?
A downward spiral, like a metal staircase
We spin round and round, too rushed to take the stairs
In such a hurry to meet our dark future
We search for ways to escape, instead of doing something about it
Immersed in the internet, we discover
Each person has something to say
Every one unique, every one rare, and precious
There are no colors in cyberspace, but there are smiles :-)
And thatís a start.

To the Media:

Please show us more impossible images to live up to.
If we forget to feel

too old
too fat
too young
too short
too skinny
too ugly

We'll stop buying things that make us look


and the economy will collapse without the support of our self hatred.
Won't it?

Sing to me, sweet Bard

Sing to me, sweet Bard
In your voice, soft and low
Caress me
With your words
Fill my head with fancy
To keep out the harsh noise of life

Sing to me, sweet Bard
In your voice soft and low
When it is raining
Sing to me of flowers
Lifting their faces to the light
When the sun is shining
Sing to me of raindrops
Kissing the petals of those same flowers

Sing to me, sweet Bard
In your voice soft and low
Touch me
In my heart of hearts
'till tears flow
Down my cheeks
Like tiny rivers

Tale spinner
Web weaver

When the years have gone by
And my hair has grown grey
The memory of your words
Will waken the child within.

Note:(I wrote a song from this poem, which I'm hoping to perform in the Talent competition at the next AI.)

Dream Lover

I had a dream the other night.
A dream of you, my lover.
In this dream, so vivid, so true,
I felt the brush of your lips
Across my closed lids.
I felt your arms enfold me,
In a warm embrace.
I felt your lips as they found mine.
I welcomed your kiss.
I felt our flesh press together.
Heat against heat.
I heard your whispered words
Of passion and need.
I felt myself
Open up
Take you in.
And I awoke to the sound
Of my own voice
Calling out to you. Only to find myself
Alone again.

Adventurers' Inn

Come with me
To a place where demons and goblins abound
Where paladins and slaves sit side by side
Where bards sing in sweet voices
And tell the tales of great heroes
Princesses and pirates await
Each has a tale
To share
You need only ask
All are made welcome at the Adventurers' Inn
You can be Anyone
You are limited only
By what you can imagine
Come with me to another world
Live the fantasy