Featured here are those who have found interaction with Donna Mia. They are either enemy or friend, as there is no in between. These are the beings I felt made a significant impact on our protagonist's existence.

The Hunter

Name:Unknown   Status: Dead
This fellow made his first (and last) appearance in Dark Fantasies No.2, which is not officially a Donna Mia story, but is close enough in my book to be included here (see First Appearances for more details.) He was apparently a vampire hunter, and no name was provided for him.
The Initiates

Names:Unknown   Status: 3 Presumed Dead, 1 Unknown
Introduced in Dark Fantasies No.4, the initiates of an unnamed order persue Donna Mia not to destroy her, but to return her to the imprisonment from which she has escaped (see More About Donna Mia for more details.) The two on either side were felled in the alley in which they cornered Donna Mia, and the man in the middle back was injured on a rooftop, and later killed by his superior, center front. For lack of a name, I call her Magnissima. She is still at large, last seen facing policemen in the same alley in which her men were killed. She is known as a Demolustrate, and uses a dowsing rod and Hand of Glory as her weapons.

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