Donna Mia is a spirit. She is also a young girl. She remembers childhood in medieval Italy, starving and looking at the hills. She remembers the terrors of Hell, an endless prison where the hands of the clock are stopped forever. She is both beings and neither. There is no "struggle for dominance", no "battle for her soul." Both beings want what most of us do; to be forgiven our follies, to be accepted, and to have the life we feel we deserve. Her fears are elementally the same as ours; that we deserve the woes that are visited upon us, that we are unfit for love, for acceptance, or for forgiveness. This is not a story about a monster. It is a story about us.

-Trevlin L. Utz

I fell in love with Donna Mia the first time I saw her, perhaps because she was so like myself and I was trying so desperately to find others like me. Back then I thought her story would be a short one, that she would be a brief spark of sisterly light in my life, only to never be heard from again. I present this site as an offering, a starting place for those who have never met Donna Mia, so that they may be inspired to seek her out and find all that they can about her. With enough interest, perhaps Avatar and Trevlin Utz will resume creation, and we will someday see more of this wonderous and lovely creature.

-Katarina Mechant

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