The Sea Witch

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Sailing the Seas - From an original footpainting by P. Driver

The Sea Witch is a 3 masted, square rigged vessel weighing approximately 280 tons. It is pierced for 16 cannon along its 80 ft. length, though fewer than that are usually put to use. She can be sailed with a crew of as few as 12 hard pressed sailors, though she has room for as many as 30, in cramped quarters. Her current Captain maintains the total at somewhere between 17 and 21.

The Sea Witch's Flag

The figurehead was once of a woman's body with naked breasts, and a wolf's head, but it has been recently replaced. It is now an unpainted mermaid, hair streaming over her bare breasts, mouth open in song, and arms outstretched to welcome sailors to their doom. It's face and upper body bear a striking resemblance to the Captain who sails her, though this was purely by the artist's choice, and is a bit of an embarassment to the Captain when it is mentioned, since the streaming wooden hair does not cover as much as she might like. The name of the vessel is painted in red and reads: