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Cabin Description

The great cabin is through a door, and along a hall under the Quarter Deck. Straight ahead down this hall is the door to the Captain's cabin and to the left is the door of the First Mate's cabin, which is securely locked. Upon entering the Captain's Cabin, the largest piece of furniture, the desk, is immediately visible. It dominates the middle of the room, and upon it rest a quill beside the ship's roster, a bowl of oranges (good for combating scurvy), and an oil lamp. Light streams into the room, illuminating its contents through the plate glass window behind the desk, a sturdy windowseat bolted beneath the ocean view.

To the right of the desk and against the wall is a heavy oak cabinet. Inside are revealed many shelves full of interesting artifacts. Most obvious are the rolled up maps on the topmost shelf. Tucked in there too are a few old books, and a small journal, as well as a stoppered inkpot and several sharpened quills. On the shelf below is a small velvet bag containing a spyglass, and a second bag beside it which contains five or six identical silver rings, each bearing the shape of a mermaid. If you chance to see some of the crew, you'll notice that each of them wears one of these rings. Tucked in the back on this same shelf are two smaller items: a bottle of pills, unmarked, and a small jar of a whitish powder labelled "Sleeping Draught". The bottom shelf holds a fine selection of liquor and a set of lead crystal glasses of various size, all of the finest quality.

To the left of the cabinet rests a small table, upon which is spread one of the maps, and beside that is a spinning globe of the Earth. To the right of the cabinet is a pile of gold won from a recent conquest, above which hangs a portrait of the Captain herself, painted by the great artist Tessa Thornberry. Continuing to the left, you'll find a phonograph with a record set carefully in place, and next to it, a chest containing jewels and gold. Above the chest hangs a picture of the Sea Witch, Dorianne's ship, and beside it a full-length mirror is bolted to the floor. The heavy tub is situated before the mirror, stored in the cabin until the Captain or one of the crew calls for its use.

Tucked in the corner to the left of the desk is a four poster bed, two large chests at its foot. Dorianne is fairly neat (for a pirate) but her bed is probably unmade, and at any time there might be a soiled shirt or old socks to be found on the floor, tucked into a corner or shoved under a piece of furniture.